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Sign up for free Eurotrip alerts that save travelers thousands!

Sign up for free Eurotrip alerts that save travelers thousands!

Join for FREE and save thousands on your trip!

How It works


Airlines change prices all the time, however it’s time consuming and difficult to keep up on all the deals.

We constantly monitor and track flight prices to Europe from all major US airports.

The deals can be time sensitive so we send the best deals to you as soon as we find them, with the average traveler saving over $500!

All of our deals are free, but users can always upgrade to recieve a custom built trip and faster emails!

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Going To Europe was something I have wanted to do all my life. being a student, I was worried about being able to afford it. thanks to a deal from GetMeToEurope, it would have been more expensive staying home for winter break!

Keani A.

Student, California

My Friends and I have been trying to plan a trip to Europe for years, but it never seemed like a possibility. Thanks for the best three weeks of our lives, GetMeToEurope!

Marco B.

Recent Grad, New York

My Boyfriend found you guys on Google, and we could not be happier! We saved over 1,000 and saw 5 countries.

Ryne and Sharon

Happy Couple, Texas

Our Subscribers save an average of over $500 per trip booked. If you have saved money using GetMeToEurope, Please Contact us to be featured!

Free Vs. Premium


GetMeToEurope will always be 100% free to join, but for travelers looking for even more out of our deals, we have GetMeToEurope premium!


  • Weekly emails containing hand-built cheap trips to Europe!
  • Email support
  • Travel tips in every email


  • We hand build a trip just for you!
  • Guaranteed to be within your budget
  • Unlimited revisions
  • DOUBLE the deals
  • Premium members get the deals first
  • one click booking!
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Who Should Sign Up


Budget Travelers

“We vistied Italy and Greece for less than $500. Talk about the deal of a lifetime!!” – Dan


“Spending less on flights meant spending more on fun! – Keani”

Groups or Tours

“Our tennis league has been talking about going to Wimbeldon for years. Thanks to GetMeToEurope, the whole team got to england for less than $350 a person!” – Carlo R


“Our annual girls trip to Italy was cheaper than ever! Could anyone turn down Rome for less than $400?” – Gabrielle



Below you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Why Should I use GetMeToEurope?
TL;DR – We do all of the work and save you money!

…We do the research and you take care of the booking, saving you hundreds or even thousands on every flight. Unlike nearly any travel agency, we do not have any sort of partnerships with airlines or booking agencies. We do not support any one affiliate for the purpose of commsion. Many travel agencies do not offer the lowest prices possible because they generate income by promoting companies they work with closely. We have years of personal experience finding the cheapest flights available and have got the art down pact. Without the knowledge of how to do so, you could spend thousands more than you really need to. We simply find the cheapest flights available and send them to our subscribers.

How are these flights so cheap?!
Airfares are the lowest they have ever been and with some experience, you can uncover extremely cheap flights. Some of these flight deals are mistakes from either the airline or online booking agencies, while most are simply great sales as a result of the highly competitive airline industry. If you catch it early enough, you can get flights for next to nothing. We use our experience in researching these flights and pass the deals on to our subscribers!
Will I get Spam Email?
No, of course not! We pride ourselves on not supporting ads and not working with partner websites, so no need for that nonsense. Let’s be real, nobody wants an inbox full of useless emails. Athough we do not have a set number of emails we send per week, we send these (time-sensitive) deals as we find them.
How do I upgrade to premium?
Easy! You can either click on the premium link in the top right corner of the home page or go directly to
How do I book the flights?
Visit for more info!
After receiving an offer, it is extremely easy to book using the Google Flights search engine. Just follow these 7 simple steps below to book each round trip flight. To book a Dream Trip, it’s as easy as booking one round trip flight to/from the USA and several flights to/from cities within Europe. Visit the instructions page for more info.
*Note: Google Flights is a search engine amongst airline affiliates and does not book flights directly. It is simply a tool to compare flight prices and direct you to the booking website offering said price.
*Tip: To ensure you are receiving the best offer, you can also try searching                         
How do I choose my departure region and airport(s)?
Premium members will recieve an email with detailed instructions on how to do so. If you have further questions, please contact us using the form below!

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